Artist’s books

RMC’s pencil isn’t just for drawing, it’s also for writing. Simple, poetic texts, which say in words what her drawings say in images, realizing the symbiosis between these two modes of creation that one would think are different but which for her are inseparable. In addition to the Sculpted Papers and Poem Paintings which are presented elsewhere on this site, it offers us many Artist Books which are to be discovered here. Here is an overview of a few pages of, from left to right and from bottom to top of Ecriratures, Between Me and Us, The Ball of the Birds, The Brawling Birds and Empty Memory.

ECRIRATURES. Calligraphy and drawings in pencil and Indian ink. 21×28 cm. 76 pages. Printed in 500 copies in 2000. The original was acquired by the L. Aragon Media Library, in Le Mans
BETWEEN ME AND US. Poems and pencil drawings. 15x20cm. 52 pages. Printed in 50 copies in 2002.
LE BAL DES OISEAUX: Illustration of the poem Oimour d’Aseau. 25 pages. Printed in 10 copies in 2017. THE BRAWLING BIRDS. Jubilant pamphlet in the vein of James Ensor’s list of insults, against the guardians of the temple of “Art content pour rien”. 10×13cm. 20 pages. Printed in 25 copies in 2017.
EMPTY MEMORY. tribute to the victims 11 09 2001. Illustrated bilingual poems. 15x20cm. 56 pages. Printed in 50 copies in 2002. The original is in the precious reserve of the NY Public Library