Ink and color.
A constant dialogue

Noir m’est couleur
Noir m’illumine et m’arc en ciel

In the same painting, on one side a black sky, lit up by the unreal whiteness of the birds, on the other an aviary lush with colors that hesitate to fully blossom. The first underlies the second, where the color is superimposed on the black background. Starting from mineral models, interweaving his drawings, reworking them with India ink, then passing the color over this ink, at each of these stages the unconscious guides the hand to tell a story, which the next layer comes to cover, to the manner of the strata of an archaeological site.
“Noir m’est lumière”, she tells us. The first stage is therefore that of the ink which comes to close the drawing and put it in full light, the first avatar of the scene which already veils the original story.
“Noir m’est couleur”, she tells us then. Coloring with pencil is a technical challenge. To achieve the desired depth and relief, RMC begins by carefully inking the entire scene. Then guided by a project of which she is not fully aware, she recreates with her colored pencils a new painting and a new story.
The confrontation of the two series opens a window on these hidden universes, the underside of my inks, she says, which are a constant in her work. Each step is an adventure, at the risk of getting lost, to end up, guided by her instinct and her mastery of color, in these totally abstract images which nevertheless teem with all the life that underlies them.